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Daycare Director | Snoopy Daycare

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We are looking to hire a qualified Day Care Director to not only manage our day-to-day operations and oversee our Educators at Garderie Snoopy Daycare; but also to establish and sustain a positive learning environment for children and be an ambassador of our vision and our mission. 



To treat all children as individuals, while respecting their abilities and to help the children reach their full potential while having fun.


To make every child feel important, help build their self esteem that will continue to grow and to help them become young healthy individuals.


We believe that all families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, valuing their individual beliefs and ideals.



Providing high quality, affordable childcare education for all children and families.


Respecting the needs of the parents/guardians.


Responding to the changing needs of our community and working collaboratively with community organizations so that the children will continue to grow in a safe and productive environment.

Experience and Responsibilities

You will oversee the coordination of education programs that comply with local and federal regulations, ensure that facilities are maintained, manage and support a complement of daycare staff, and manage the center's financial affairs.


The successful applicant will have demonstrable experience in managing all aspects of a daycare center, as well as strong leadership skills. You should display a friendly, positive demeanor, have a love for children, and strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment for both children and teachers. 

Salary TBD based on experience. For more details, expand the items below:

Full details and salary to be discussed at interview.

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