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Daycare Director | Snoopy Daycare

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We are looking to hire a qualified Day Care Director to not only manage our day-to-day operations and oversee our Educators at Garderie Snoopy Daycare; but also to establish and sustain a positive learning environment for children and be an ambassador of our vision and our mission. 



To treat all children as individuals, while respecting their abilities and to help the children reach their full potential while having fun.


To make every child feel important, help build their self esteem that will continue to grow and to help them become young healthy individuals.


We believe that all families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, valuing their individual beliefs and ideals.



Providing high quality, affordable childcare education for all children and families.


Respecting the needs of the parents/guardians.


Responding to the changing needs of our community and working collaboratively with community organizations so that the children will continue to grow in a safe and productive environment.

Experience and Responsibilities

You will oversee the coordination of education programs that comply with local and federal regulations, ensure that facilities are maintained, manage and support a complement of daycare staff, and manage the center's financial affairs.


The successful applicant will have demonstrable experience in managing all aspects of a daycare center, as well as strong leadership skills. You should display a friendly, positive demeanor, have a love for children, and strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment for both children and teachers. 

Salary TBD based on experience. For more details, expand the items below:

  • What types of martial arts does the Chung Won Institute offer?
    Taekwondo Tai Chi Haidong Gumdo are the three types of martial arts offered at the Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo (CWIOT. They range from high energy to a more calming and lower impact workout. Essentially the CWIOT offers something for every age range and fitness level.
  • Where is the Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo located?
    The Chung Won Institute is location in Moncton, New Brunswick at: 417 St. George Street Phone: 506-855-5450 Email: Website:
  • Could martial arts influence my child to be too aggressive?
    At Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo (CWIOT), children and parents learn that martial arts is not an act of violence, but the art of how to handle oneself in a difficult situation. Aggressive behaviour is channelled into positive energy to increase the child’s self-esteem and build discipline and character.
  • Will there be other beginners in my class?
    Yes, at the Chung Won Institute you can expect to be grouped with students of similar rank and skill levels, but within a mixed group class which is comprised of all skill levels. This way, the newer students benefit from observing and learning from more experienced students.
  • How can I choose the right martial art school for myself or my children?
    Choosing the right school is an important decision. Not everyone can teach you or your loved ones. First, we recommend that you visit the school, interview with instructors or staff members and then observe a class or attend a trial class. It’s also important to check out the credentials of schools and head instructors to decide whether or not the program and school is right for you.
  • Are Taekwondo classes safe?
    All of Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo classes are taught with your safety in mind. We have a “no contact” rule for beginners and gradually teach kicks or punching techniques with full control. Classmates are partners, not enemies. Students interested in contact training for sports competition may do so at special classes under supervision and with the proper safety equipment. The chances of getting injured are very small since training is constantly supervised by our instructors.
  • Could Tai Chi help me increase my energy level and yet relax and sleep better at night?
    Just read what one of our newest students has to say about Tai Chi: “I’ve only been taking Tai Chi for 4 months and I’ve already experienced an overall feeling of well being. I’ve suffered from insomnia for several years and I am now able to sleep well almost every night. Tai Chi has improved my flexibility and instead of waking up with stiff joints in the morning, I wake up relaxed from a good night’s sleep and with plenty of energy to get me through the day. I think having energy to spare is the most positive benefit of Tai Chi. I enjoy the classes immensely and believe it’s time for me to get in touch with my body, relax and tune out the world.”
  • How can I choose the right Tai Chi school for myself?
    Choosing the right school is an important decision. Not everyone is professional enough to teach you. First, we recommend that you visit the school, interview with instructors or staff members then observe a class or attend a trial class. It’s important to check out the credentials of the schools and head instructors to decide whether or not the program and school are right for you.
  • Am I too old to learn Tai Chi?
    For those willing to persevere, the benefits are amazing and are not diminished by the constraints of old age; in fact, there are many practitioners around the world in their 80s still teaching.
  • Why should I learn Tai Chi?
    The most important reason is that when you finally reach the place where you understand what life is all about, you’ll have the health to enjoy what’s left of it.
  • What is Haidong Gumdo?
    At the Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo, you will also find Haidong Gumdo, the ancient Korean Martial Art of the Sword. It draws from battlefield tactics and techniques to build a curriculum for mental, physical and spiritual development. Students learn forms, step drills, sitting and moving meditation, as well as bamboo and straw cutting. Haidong Gumdo is not confrontational. There is no combative sparring, although some combinations are practiced with partners. Powerful, complex and beautiful, Gumdo is a wonderful style which can be pursued throughout your life. Haidong Gumdo is perfect for people of any age. Skills and fitness levels are challenged steadily and at your own pace. This is also an excellent complement to other martial art styles.

Full details and salary to be discussed at interview.

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