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We are looking to hire a qualified Day Care Director to not only manage our day-to-day operations and oversee our Educators at Garderie Snoopy Daycare; but also to establish and sustain a positive learning environment for children and be an ambassador of our vision and our mission. 



To treat all children as individuals, while respecting their abilities and to help the children reach their full potential while having fun.


To make every child feel important, help build their self esteem that will continue to grow and to help them become young healthy individuals.


We believe that all families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, valuing their individual beliefs and ideals.



Providing high quality, affordable childcare education for all children and families.


Respecting the needs of the parents/guardians.


Responding to the changing needs of our community and working collaboratively with community organizations so that the children will continue to grow in a safe and productive environment.

Experience and Responsibilities

You will oversee the coordination of education programs that comply with local and federal regulations, ensure that facilities are maintained, manage and support a complement of daycare staff, and manage the center's financial affairs.


The successful applicant will have demonstrable experience in managing all aspects of a daycare center, as well as strong leadership skills. You should display a friendly, positive demeanor, have a love for children, and strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment for both children and teachers. 

Salary TBD based on experience. For more details, expand the items below:

Education, Experience, and Knowledge

• A degree, certificate, or diploma, in early Childhood Education, and or related fields. • Minimum 3-5 years early childhood education experience. • Licensure is required. • Experience in operating a Childcare Centre and/or management skills. • Experience with bookkeeping practices and software. • Experience creating, managing and implementing operational budgets. • Valid CPR and First Aid Certificate required. • Valid class 4 or 5 Driver’s license and knowledge of safety procedures. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to supervise a Team of varying educational and experiential backgrounds. • Evidence of sufficient security and judgment to handle crisis situations, and ability to seek supervision and use it constructively. • Excellent organizational, problem-solving, and time-management skills. • Friendly and approachable demeanor. • Maintain a professional appearance, attitude, and work ethic at all times. Other • Dependability, Reliability, and Trustworthy required and maintained. • Respect the Oath of Confidentiality, Code of Ethics, and Policies. • Always showing a high degree of professionalism. • Must complete the following record checks: - Criminal Record check - Vulnerable Sector check - Social Development Record Check - Three references required. • Good physical health • Highly motivated and a high level of positive personal behavior, high level of physical and mental health, and ability to communicate easily. • Perform other duties as required from time to time by the Executive Director. •To assume duties which may be assigned by the owner/operator.

Responsibilities and Leadership Specifications: Administration

• Monitor the record keeping for the centre that is required by governmental and centre policies. - Records of children’s attendance - Health and safety inspections (Covid-19 and other) - Potential Illness Form/Return after Exclusion - Reportable and Non Reportable Incident Report - Administration of Medication/Essential Routine Services & Emergency Plan/Extreme - Allergy List - Authorized Pick up List - Denial of Access List - Posting of Notice of Illness - Requisitions and inventories - Ensuring the program in place meets the need of each child and insures their total growth • Monitor and evaluate all personnel. • Report both verbally and in writing, to the Owner/Operator. • Recruit personnel in collaboration with the owner/operator when necessary. • Recommend and assist in developments and updates of the policies and procedures manuals for the childcare center. • In collaboration with ECE, cooperate and support all movements toward certain approved fund-raising activities especially, where parents and volunteers are involved. • Responsible for department billing and inspections (i.e. fire, health, etc) • Conduct monthly fire drills •Assist in daily cleaning, opening or closing, and lock up

Responsibilities and Leadership Specifications: Financial

• Provide leadership and maintain relationships with funding sources and provide regular updates of changes to the owner/operator or Director (if applicable). • Prepare annual budgets and regular reports. • Bill and collect fees. • Encourage and promote Educators awareness pertaining to financial management standards. • Make purchases for the centre • Have an understanding, or willingness to learn QuickBook to manage day-to-day book keeping, maintain financial records/invoices
• Work with a bookkeeper to process and manage payroll

Responsibilities and Leadership Specifications: Program

• Primarily responsible for the total program delivery within the Childcare Center in collaboration with the Educators. • Foster the development and implementation of the curriculum activities that contribute to the care, growth, and development of all children who attend the Center, always keeping in mind each child’s individual needs. • Monitor and maintain a physical environment inside and outside that conforms to governmental and center standards of safety and cleanliness. • In cooperation with the Childcare Program Educators, assist in the development of programs and policies to better serve the needs of children in the Center. • Purchase and keep inventory and supplies, materials, and equipment for the Childcare Center and the Administration Department as necessary. • Assist in the development and recommendation of new programs which will continue financing the Center in the future in cooperation with the owner/operator, Director and early childhood educators. • Assist in the development and coordination for the schedule and usage of bus/van for the Childcare service. • Regularly update early childhood educators, other staff, and Volunteers on the Family Services Act, Covid-19 regulations/updates, etc. • Assist in the investigation of an outbreak, attendance records and management of potential illness forms are available to the local medical officer of health on request •Records and documents are maintained in an organized manner allowing for easy access and timely review

Responsibilities and Leadership Specifications: Personnel/Volunteers

• In cooperation with Educators, encourage and support the development of scheduled assignments for Center’s personnel as required. • Attend regular and called meetings for Center’s Educators and staff (and the other involved Agencies) as requested. • Encourage and empower Educators to be involved in leadership programs, workshops, and training sessions to foster leadership skills including attending ECCENB/SEPENB meetings. • Encourage educators to take training in order to increase their skills and knowledge as related to the purposes of the Childcare services (i.e. Workshops/conferences). • Inform Educators on the policies of the Family Service Act relating to Child Abuse and Neglect. • Assist in the selection, training and evaluation of employees. •Knowledgeable on all required documents for the Day Care Standards and abide by them.

Responsibilities and Leadership Specifications: Public/Community Relations

• Community, parent, and social services liaison. • Represent the function of the Center to all aspects of the community and also promotes the Center’s purpose and activities for children in collaboration with Educators and Owners. • Maintain appropriate relationships with other Childcare Centers regionally, provincially, and nationally if applicable. • Periodically prepare and distribute promotional materials in collaboration with Educators and Owners. • Provide parent/educator meetings as requested by the New Brunswick Childcare standards.

Responsibilities and Leadership Specifications: Committees

• Keep Childcare Program Educators informed on issues that affect the Center’s program, business, and integrity. • Provide orientation to early childhood educators as required and help to empower Educators general knowledge pertaining to the Childcare’s daily operation. • Attend regular annual Agency meetings to present reports when needed.

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