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Grand Master Won Kap Chung began his study of Taekwondo  as a shy boy of 10 years old in Korea. His instructor was Grand Master Sung Ook Choi. 


By the time he had left Korea in 1977, he had developed into a National Champion. Shortly after Master Chung settled in Canada, he introduced Taekwondo to New Brunswick and Eastern Quebec.

In 2018, Grand Master Chung was recognized for bringing the sport of Taekwondo to Atlantic Canada when he was inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame.


  • 2018 New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame Inductee

  • 9th Degree Black Belt

  • Certified Master Instructor

  • Over 30 Years of Experience

  • 1989 – Canadian Team Coach for World Championship in Korea

  • 1990 – Host of Canadian Team Trials

  • 1993 – Member of Goodwill Mission to Russia & China

  • 1994 – Canadian Team Manager for Pan Am Games in Costa Rica

  • 1996 – Chairman for the Youth Committee for Taekwondo Canada

  • 2000 – Host of Canadian Junior Team Trials

  • 2000 – Head of Team Canada 3rd Junior World Championships in Ireland

  • 2002 – Head of Team Canada 4th Junior World TKD Championships in Greece

  • 2003 – Canadian Taekwondo (TKD) Poomse Chairman

  • 2003 – World Muye TKD Championship Judge in Seoul, Korea

  • 2004 – International 1st Class Poomse Certified Referee in Korea

  • 2009 – Canadian Coach for Pan Am Poomse Championship in El Salvador

  • 2010 – Achieved 9th Dan in Korea

  • 2010 – Honorary Lifetime Member of Taekwondo Canada

  • 2011 – NB Lifetime Achievement Award

  • 2011 – School of the Year Award

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