Sorim Tai Chi

Master Chung’s Sorim Tai Chi Programs

Sorim Tai Chi is a must for anyone who wants to improve his or her physical and mental health without the risk of injury. Other contact sports or high impact activities do not appeal to all people. People with injuries, disabilities or other health related problems are welcome to train in the harmonious style of Tai Chi. It will improve circulation, relieve pain and stiffness associated with age or injury and leave you with a feeling of overall health and tranquility.

Sorim Tai Chi is a way of conditioning your mind and body to work together in order to achieve your full potential. It allows you to become more aware of yourself and your surrounding environment. During training, you are taught to stay calm and focused—you’ll find that you’re breathing gentler and slower, concentrating on your inner energy. Come and see our beautiful 2,000 square foot complex. You too can enjoy the benefits of a martial art enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

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