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Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo – New Brunswick’s Center for Martial Arts

Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo is one of the largest martial arts studios in Atlantic Canada. The purpose of Taekwondo is to enable men, women and children to realize their full potential, both mentally and physically. At the Chung Won Institute, we apply the philosophy of teaching traditional Korean Martial Arts, along with state-of-the-art, modern self-defense techniques to achieve total fitness of the body and mind.

After just a few weeks of training, you will notice improvement in your energy level, flexibility and overall health. We recommend that a student who enrolls in the Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo be willing to make a commitment of attending at least 2 to 3 times per week in order to receive full benefits of the program. Frequent classes and dedication make it easy for the student to progress through the ranks.

Programs for Adults & Children

We offer mixed classes for adults and children that are held daily and run about one hour. Although these classes cover all experience levels, they allow for more detailed instruction with each rank. Having a variety of experience levels in a mixed group provides an added advantage to our students; the lower ranked students learn from the higher ranks and the higher ranked students acquire valuable leadership skills.

Children’s Kicking Camp

When summertime is around the corner and parents are trying to keep their children busy, the Chung Won Institute of Taekwondo offers a Children's Kicking Camp, available only in the summertime. Your child will be able to interact with other martial artists and embark on a totally unique and positive experience. Self-defense is important to a youth, but it is not the only reason to enroll your child in Taekwondo. Our program is designed to assist your child in developing his or her whole body and mind. Our fun and easy-to-learn program will help your child to maintain self-control and discipline, apply more effort in school and improve grades, be sincere and respectful to others, build confidence, raise self-esteem, overcome fears and learn how to deal with obstacles. Enrolling your child at Chung Won Institute is your way of making a commitment to improve your child’s future.

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